Andreas Burz

Andreas Burz was born in 1956 in Stuttgart, Southern Germany.

Once, in 1979, the first Sony Walkman was introduced as the state of the art gadget. About that time, 23 year old Andreas Burz started his career as a professional photographer. Parallel to musical playback devices, one might say, Andreas Burz's expertise in creating pictures has evolved over the years, always striving for new forms of expression, always at the frontier of technological possibilities – up till now driven by excitement for the art of photography.

From first assignments for music magazines (hence the introductory metaphor), he has gained a broad experience in all areas of the photographic business. He freelanced for newspapers and advertising agencies, for a decade he worked as photographer at one of Europe's leading studios and from 1991 till 2011 he ran his own spacious studio, specializing on car photography. Being in business for forty years, he has gained a reputation for combining self-confident creativity with outstanding technological skills and a keen eye for composition. He is working all around the globe for the demand for his work hardly ever ceases – which means, Andreas Burz is on the road most of the time.

No doubt, he likes being at home in Stuttgart, enjoying some peace and quiet (or rather a good record) but after a few days he's driven out again, in search for new challenges, for there are always new perspectives to be found and new pictures of the world to be formed.

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